What are wine futures?

The Bordeaux En primeur campaign, sometimes known as wine futures, is a way of purchasing the most highly-sought after Bordeaux wines and vintages while they are still ageing in barrel, offering the opportunity to invest in a particular wine before it is bottled and released on the market. Payment is made at an early stage, from 18 to 24 months before each wine is bottled. Delivery is possible from at least 24 months after the release of the Bordeaux En primeur wine price.

Some historical facts.

The Futures system was created more than 200 years ago by the British and was only available for the negoce. It is only since the 1980’s that it has been open to private customers. This system enables the estates to sell their wine through allocations before the wine has been bottled. The readily available funds from these sales are then used for operational and production expenses for the next year.

En Primeurs Week

Each spring, thousands of wine professionals visit Bordeaux for the opening of the en primeur campaign. Over 150 of the top estates welcome journalists, buyers, importers, retailers and other wine professionals from all over the world to taste barrel samples of their latest vintage. Estates use the feedback they receive about the quality of the wine and vintage to estimate demand and set initial prices. Generally, approximately in May, the estates release their prices and allow wine merchants to buy their en primeur wines, starting the campaign.

5 Reasons to buy wine futures

1. Price

The price of a Futures wine is almost always lower than the release price on the market (around two years later). It is also extremely rare that the price of the wine will be lower than the Futures release price. Buying wine Futures also allows you to buy the most highly demanded wines that may be virtually impossible to find when they are released on the market in a variety of different formats. Customers can purchase Futures either to cellar and enjoy perfect wine years later, or to invest and resell later at a high price in an auction house. In both cases, customers are looking to gain money on their purchase, either through the difference between the current market price and availability of the wine at the time of the consumption or at the time of the auction.

2. Secure Your Favorites

Wine Wizz GCC offers a large Futures selection in the complete range of obtainable formats – from half-bottles all the way to Melchior (18L). With this unique advantage, customers could potentially be amongst the few persons in the world to order that specific size in that specific vintage.

3. Authenticity

Bordeaux Wine Futures sold by Wine Wizz GCC are exclusively sourced directly from the producing estates or via official Bordeaux negociants.

4. Original Wooden Case (OWC)

Buying wine futures also allows you to purchase the wines in their original wooden case from the chateau (O.W.C. standard comes in 6 or 12 bottle cases depending on the estate, other sizes are available upon request). All the wines delivered from the chateau to us are in their O.W.C. and then will be delivered straight to you.

5. Special Occasion

Futures are usually bought for their prices. The price of a Futures wine is almost always lower than the release price on the market. The prices are generally lower since negociants and retailers are taking thinner margins because they do not have to carry stock and promote the wines. Everyone always wants to make sure to get the better price either to build their collection, invest in wine or simply to buy wines for a special occasion. Indeed, it is quite common to buy Futures in order to get some wine for your anniversary year, your child’s birth year, or even for a special occasion such as retirement, graduations, etc.

Interested in buying Wine Futures?

How It Works with Wine Wizz

We specialize in Bordeaux wine futures. Let us guide you through the process from A to Z. We look out for your best interest and make sure you feel comfortable throughout the process. 

2. Campaign plan

When you are ready to invest, we will schedule a second free consult to determine a campaign plan based on your budget and preferences. Wine Wizz will put together a proposed possible target selection which will be fine tuned together with the client.

4. Delivery or Storage

1.5 - 2 years later, the wines will be bottled and made ready for delivery. Wine Wizz will ensure all wines are safely delivered to our climate controlled depot in the Netherlands. Clients will then have the option to have their wines delivered or can opt to continue to store at our facility.

1. Private consult

If you are interested in buying wine futures, you can contact our sales team to schedule a private consult. During this free private consult, the potential clients questions and concerns are thoroughly addressed as well as the process and expectations. 

3. En-Primeurs Campaign

Around May each year the campaign in Bordeaux kicks off and chateaux start releasing prices and ratings. The campaign lasts a couple months and during this time the target campaign selections lists will be confirmed. Invoicing & Bottling instructions are finalised at the end of the campaign.

A Trusted Partner

If you are planning to buy wine online, particularly Futures, it’s important to choose a reputable wine merchant.

Indeed, you may have heard stories of merchants who have filed for bankruptcy, stored wine in poor conditions, or engaged in wine fraud.

All of the Futures wines that Wine Wizz GCC offers are sourced directly from the producing estate in the original wooden case. Wine Wizz GCC has close and personal partnerships with many Chateaux and negociants, which allows us to secure allotments and guarantee authenticity and future delivery. We only sell wines that have been purchased directly from the estate.

Interested in buying wine futures? Schedule a free consult and discuss the possibilities