Romagna Pagadebit, Holy White Bombino

Romagna Pagadebit, Holy White Bombino

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Romagna Pagadebit

Grape Variety: White Bombino
Taste Profile: Fresh & Dry
Food Pairing: Salad or Shell Fish
Occasion: BBQ or Dinner

It is as if they have managed to put Spring in a bottle of wine! According to Sandro Bacchini, the 18th generation owner of the Tenuta del Monsignore, this delicious White Bombino wine called Romagna Pagadebit gives you confidence for the future!

A fantastic floral, fresh and dry white Italian wine with a sublime fragrance and complexity! This wine is very delicate and filled with the aromas of fresh greens and flowers and remains nicely supple and smooth in the mouth.

Worth a try, and pairs perfectly with a nice salad.

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Additional information

Food Pairing

Salad, Shell Fish

Grape Variety

White Bombino


BBQ, Dinner



Taste Profile

Fresh & Dry

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Product Information

Vintage: 2016

Country: Italy

Region: Emilia Romagna

Alcoholpercentage: 12%

Storage potential: 3-5 years

Serving temperature: 6-10 °C

Tasting Notes

Eye: Glowing crystal yellow color

Nose: Lovely floral impressions mixed with a hint of citrus. As hawthorn in freshly cut grass.

Mouth: Dry, fresh and smooth with lovely floral notes in balance.

Tenuta del Monsignore

The Domain of Tenuta del Monsignore spreads over almost 80 hectares in San Giovanni in Marignano, about half an hour away from the sea and well-known seaside resorts of Rimini. The name of the domain was Bacchini until the 1800s but has been changed to Monsignore after Francesco Bacchini became the Bishop of Terni!

Tenuta del Monsignore is perhaps one of the oldest family-run wine producers in Italy. The Bacchini family, originally from Florence, started producing their unique wines in as many as 1300! And today the 18th generation is still at the head via Sandro Bacchini.

Great supporters of tradition, the family has used many production techniques from the past for a very authentic results! Combined with today’s modern techniques, the Bacchini family can therefore preserve the traditional flavors and at the same time make the most of their grapes, resulting in a very impressive result and drinking experience. The wines of Tenuta del Monsignore are therefore also well known for their suppleness, elegance and delicacy!

Wine and Feelings: According to the Bacchini family, wine is not only against thirst, but also has spiritual effects. Each wine gives you a different feeling as a person and these emotions are important to observe, feel and shar! The Bacchini family has therefore highlighted which feelings should be evoked by each wine!


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