Clos du Chêne, Oaky Malbec

Clos du Chêne, Oaky Malbec


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Clos du Chêne, 100% Malbec

Grape Variety: Malbec
Taste Profile: Full-bodied & Powerful
Food Pairing: Red Meats & Cheese
Occasion: Dinner or Netflix & Chill

This fantastic 100% Malbec wine from South West of France's subregion Cahors has won many Golden medals at the Grand Prix des Vins du Sud-Ouest!

Full of flavor and character, this wine bursts with ripe dark forrest fruits and tannins, and has a lot of depth. Thanks to the pleasant wooden background and nice long finish you will notice that this wine has been matured for 12 months in oak barrels.

Lovely 100% Malbec that pairs perfectly with red meats and stronger cheeses!

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Food Pairing

Cheese, Red Meats

Grape Variety



Dinner, Netflix & Chill



Taste Profile

Full-Bodied & Powerful

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Product Information

Vintage: 2014

Country: France

Region: Cahors, South West

Alcoholpercentage: 13%

Storage potential: 5-8 years

Serving temperature: 16-18 °C


Eye: Deep purple red color

Nose: Strong impressions of ripe forrest fruits, oak and a hint of vanilla

Mouth: Full-bodied and powerful, opulent structure, ripe fruit and oak finish

Clos du Chêne

The property of Clos du Chêne spreads out over a lovely 13 hectares and is close to Duravel, a mountainous village along the river “le Lot”; one of the most beautiful places of the department belonging to Cahors, the famous wine region of the south-west of France.

Until the 1970s, the property of Clos du Chêne was a large farm with many animals and different types of agriculture, from cheese to corn. By the end of the 1970s, the Roussigne family decided to completely restructure the property to 100% viniculture to focus on the growing wine market in the region. They chose the Malbec grape as the main grape variety, at the time, as nowadays, the most famous grape variety of the Cahors region. The Malbec grape typically produces very strong and powerful red wines in the region, and it was their idea to use the combination with other grape varieties such as Merlot to produce more subtle and accessible Malbec based wines, more suitable for a large public.

The Roussigne family produces their wines in the most natural way and are big opponents of the very modern automated production techniques. They think that the taste and characteristics of a wine must be naturally extracted from the soil, a wine is after all very influenced by the minerals and nutrients that are in the ground, and by having the soil and nature do its work, the result is often very unique and refreshingly tasty. Thanks to these methods, we have been enjoying delicious and natural Clos du Chêne wines with lots of character for many years now.

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