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Tasting Scores.

“The more tasting points a wine has scored, (whether from Parker or another well-known wine reviewer) the better and tastier the wine”

Unfortunately, this statement is being used more and more today. It is absolutely not true that you can assume that these wines are of a certain quality. And it certainly does not guarantee that you will like those wines.

Robert Parker, the best-known wine reviewer in the world, says he started giving points to wines to help people choose / buy wines of a certain class. Mainly with buying wines that people did not know personally, because there are a lots of them. Robert himself has of course the necessary knowledge of wine and the profession, and so we may assume that his reviews are a good guideline for choosing a personally unknown wine.

But often, several important details are not taken into account.

Robert Parker has developed his own taste. And we should not forget that he uses this taste to judge the wines. His taste is far from that of the well-known mass of wine lovers. It is more of a taste for the people who can afford to drink * elite * wines.

The more wine you drink, the better you get to know the product, and so you also appreciate your wine more and more at a given moment. So if you’re not a big fan of wine, it’s hard to stick to the reviews of a Robert Parker.

Another point that is important to highlight is that a score of over 90 points can be extremely beneficial for the wine producer. Often when Robert Parker gives a wine such a score, it is a guarantee for the wine producer that he can sell his entire harvest at a good price. So wine producers started to produce their wines to the taste of our great friend Robert Parker. This is not quite as it should be and this takes away from the originality of some wineries.

The last, and perhaps most important point is that the points systems are ultimately only made up to sell more wine. In America, many years ago, where the average person still had little knowledge of the product, this has helped tremendously in the development of the market.

So what it ultimately comes down to is that you can hardly judge a wine with a points system. Whether you like a wine, for the most part you can only judge for yourself. Everyone has their own taste that develops differently. And if you still want to use a guideline to try new wines, use the reviews of Michael Lieberdt, this man has spent the last 25 years trying to find wines that give the most pleasure for the money.


Save water, drink wine.





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