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How to store wine?

Opposite from the raisin, that longs for sunshine, a bottle of wine prefers the shade. A wine ripens in a dark and fresh environment, protected against vibrations and odors. He feels at ease in a slightly humid environment with enough access to air, but certainly cannot withstand heavy temperature changes.

Not all wines are suited for storing a long time. Some, the “simpler” wines, you have to drink in a few months to a year. And you do not necessarily have to keep these wines in a special environment, as long as the temperature is not too variable or too hot. But the somewhat more expensive, qualitatively better wines that are good for storage, should actually be kept in a proper “wine cellar”. Below you will find useful tips for putting together and filling your ultimate wine cellar.

Putting together and filling your ultimate wine cellar.

Of course, you do not have to have a real “cellar” to store your wine 🙂

Make sure it is a well-sealed place, protected against noise, vibrations and odors, with enough access to air. Not too much access to light, with a stable temperature, preferably around 12-14 degrees, and a humidity of around 70%.

If necessary, place a bowl of water with charcoal in the room for more moisture and a few insulation panels to keep the temperature stable, and place rubber blocks under the wine racks before filling to limit the vibrations as much as possible.

Do not forget a thermometer and humidity meter.

A wine cellar is never big enough. Therefore, be smart in organizing your wine, so that you can keep everything separate and accessible. There are plenty of options for wine racks, so choose what fits best in your cellar, according to your taste. Be careful with cheap wood, because after a while it can rot and attract insects. Keep the white wine closest to the ground to ensure the most freshness, the red wine above it, and the “collection” or “expensive” wine bottles at the top, or, the least accessible.

Good luck building your own ultimate wine cellar! 


Save water, drink wine.





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