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How to open and serve wine.

How to open and serve wine might seem like a silly question, however, the way in which it is done does indeed influence the taste and experience.

How to open a bottle of wine

You must cut the capsule of the bottle under or in the middle of the ring, because the wine may absolutely not come into contact with the metal. Try to turn the bottle as little as possible so as not to agitate the wine. Tighten the corkscrew without turning through the cork, so that no pieces fall into the wine, and carefully pull it out of the bottle. Wipe the mouth of the bottle with a clean cotton cloth, and Voila.

How to pour wine

Once the bottle is opened, you could easily pour it into the bottle right away, but that is often not always the best way. By letting the wine air for a moment, a lot of wine gets a little more depth and the aromas come out stronger. Sometimes opening the bottle an hour before serving is enough, but often it is even better to pour the wine in advance into a carafe, which brings more air into the wine and the flavors develop even better.

Temperature also plays an important role in serving a wine. You can “kill” a wine by giving it to the wrong temperature. The ideal temperature differs per type of wine and age, but is also influenced by the environment. Red wine is generally drunk warmer than white wine. Young and soft wines are better chilled, whereas old and powerful wines are much tastier at room temperature. A wine you drink by itself might be more enjoyable when chilled, but a wine paired with food might not.


Save water, drink wine.





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